Kristen & Josh

Hoping to Adopt (California)


Why Adoption

We have always wanted to have a family and talked about it greatly while dating and the early years of our marriage. Adoption came up several times as we talked about what our future family would look like. After being unable to conceive naturally, we decided to explore other options. Adoption is very familiar with Josh's side of the family as he has several cousins who were adopted. After hearing their stories and learning more about adoption, it felt like a natural fit for us and the next steps in growing our family!

Our Happy Place

We live in a neighborhood in the suburbs with many wonderful schools, daycares, and playgrounds nearby. We live in a house with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and have a great backyard. Our weekend adventures depend on the season. In the fall and summer, we enjoy driving to the mountains to go hiking, camping, or running. In the spring and winter, we spend most weekends cross country skiing and snowshoeing in the surrounding mountains. On the weekdays, we enjoy relaxing in the evenings by watching Netflix, reading, or listening to music. We also enjoy exploring new restaurants near our house. Several nights during the week we make it a priority to cook together and trying new recipes and foods. We look forward to family dinners where we can all share about our day and create lasting memories with our future children. We have a wonderful Golden retriever, named Appy. You may have noticed her in pictures. She is 6 years old and is full of energy. She is truly the sweetest dog ever. Appy loves to follow us wherever we go, but some of her favorite things are to cuddle, hike, swim, play in the snow and scuba dive for rocks. She will be a wonderful companion to a new little one that joins our family.

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